Why has Hay Day succeeded? (III)

Why both succeed?

Guru Peter Molyneux, parent of titles such as Populous and Theme Hospital Fable carried out in November an interesting experiment addiction about mobile games. Millions of people just outside Curiosity downloaded, for free, in the shops of Apple and Google. Servers collapsed. Curiosity, which was nothing more than a giant cube formed by 69 billion smaller cubes, was to blame for such excitement.

It was breaking as quickly as possible to get coins and buy tools to … break even faster. Like a marathon, a flood of users made its way into the bucket, with growing anxiety as the target approached. For what purpose? Being the only fortunate that the message read that Molyneux had left within the last bucket.

This experiment demonstrated that mobile gaming’s most successful “engaging” because the reward is not immediate, nor is individual. They appeal to the sense of community and the gratification of being the best long term. If you also offers a way to speed up the progression, you will pay whatever it takes. Something as seemingly simple is the secret formula of games like Day and Clash of Clans Hay.
Supercell successful overtaking is all great though have put all their eggs in the basket Apple. Why not take some in the basket of Android, which represents 75% of the market? Forgot Supercell green robot? “No, no, of course not. Maybe some day”.

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