Tips for Hay Day

Hay Day introduces you fully in the farming life. If you’re already enjoying your adventure in the field, taking care of animals, fishing and working the land, you will enjoy these tips and tricks for Hay Day to the fullest.

How good it felt in the field!

Grow your own vegetable gardens and get fresh fruits and vegetables.
Trade with your neighbors.
Take care of your animals: feed them, milk the cows …
Go Fish.
Tailor your own clothes.
Sal to find the hidden treasures.

One day in Hay Day

The old farmhouse has seen better times, but you will enjoy in front of his old brilliance.

Manage your own farm.

Is it all too relaxed? If you let out  your competitive sidewhen you are in the farm you will want to know the tricks to move faster and have more diamonds. You count them!
Farm Hay Day Collection Day There are tips for Evita spend all seeds once

The more you plant seeds, you’ll get more harvest. So you can be tempted to plant all the seeds. Do not do it! Surely you later need other cultures and if you do not have to spend seeds are diamonds to buy them.
So we say you diamonds

So you can not have your own mine (Level 24), care for your diamonds and keep them as long as possible. Use them only if it is absolutely necessary.

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