How to get nails and screws to enhance the silo and the barn in Hay Day

When some years ago I played Farmville to show my partner that browser games give many kicks to Facebook I did not think that being a farmer could be so addictive and yet until the very end. It was then vowed never to run a virtual farm, but then somebody recommended me Hay Day for two reasons: it is Supercell, creators of Clash of Clans and the gameplay is very entertaining.

The truth is that today I am given to Hay Day, farm game like any other but with a capacity of addiction level like the one for Clash of Clans. But as always happens in the free-to-play, we have to pay to move quickly or wait longer and longer to get the materials we need.

One of the things that limit the time to move in Hay Day is the maximum capacity of the silo and barn so today we will explain a simple trick for nails, screws and other tools necessary and otherwise, we would have to leave you your gold and diamonds. Here are the steps:

First lets space in the hay stage for an entire crop and space in the barn for the tool that you  will receive.
Then plant a whole crop wheat.
After two minutes gathers the wheat harvest and it appears a tool that gives us the game.
Restarts but before selling the surplus wheat and you will generate a lot and sell it cheap to quickly take them over.

It is easy, right ?

“>It always works for me and here is a video that shows how to get it:


Thanks to this trick, the limit of your vessels will no longer be a problem to sell eggs with bacon on your farm and if it doesn’t not work for you do not hesitate to ask.

Hay Day