Hay Day’s tricks

Hay Day is the most popular farm game in the internet world, even funnier than Farmville. You have many ways to play this game, such as in Facebook or getting the application from Google Store for Android. Have your own farm and be a successful farmer.

Hay Day’s tricks

Feed your animals and make sure they are clean and happy. Grow your crops full of carrots, corn, wheat and many other vegetables.
Soon you’ll be able to sell your products to new clients and your farm will be a success.
If you already have this game and you are a full time player, we bring you some ideas to improve your skills and get more coins and diamonds. If you don’t have it yes, remember it’s totally free! Do not hesitate to download it in your mobile phone, tablet o personal computer.
Buy big amounts of tools from other people diaries (for example buy five things for four hundred coins). Then sell them individually, for over two hundred coins.
Go to the family’s crop and look for the road store

Check out what they are selling. If you are over level seven you will be able to read the diary.
You can sell things in the road store. Remember you can do this every twenty minutes.
If you see a purple ticket, open it and watch the video, this way you will get double diamonds.
Try to make expensive products like cream, cheese and butter.
To get experience, remember to complete the daily list of requests from the truck or the ship. The more products you make, the more requests you will have. And as long as you complete your orders, you will get more coins!
Don’t forget to feed your animals. This brings you experience. Create more animals with the color tickets.

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