Hay Day’s elements 1

Hay Day’s elements 1


From Hay Day USA.. the first thing to know about this game (you must download Hay Day if you haven’t done so!!!) is that its main goal is to make our farm grow. Now then, with that in mind, you should know that the sole way to do that is by making money, cause of course, let’s face it, it is the only way that you will be able to afford the upgrades that you require!

Diamonds: The diamonds are the harder value objects to get. Never the less, you can buy them from each of the stores of your operative system (Google Play Store or Appstore) through the application itself.

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Coins: Lucky for us, coins are very easy to get; you just have to plant something and sell the result in order to, in return make some coins. Obviously they are the main currency system on the game, so one might say that you can buy virtually anything with them, for instance: animals, production buildings, fruit trees and even goods from other users playing the game. Suffice to say that also you are able to sell your goods to other users. On the down side, Android and iOS users won’t be able to interact between each others.

Color cards: The Color cards are useful to buy pets. You can get them by completing the requests of the ships. Another way to get them is by paying diamonds in exchange, or also randomly opening the surprise chests.


In order to gain more experience and level up really quickly, you must complete all the requests from the truck or the ones from boat. Also you must make your machines’ production line to grow, so in the long term you have more experience and even, more coins. The more products we are able to make the more products from the truck we will be able to complete.



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