Hay Day tutorial from USA

A Hay Day tutorial from USA– 15


In order to have pets Hay Day has kind of a unique approach to them. You must save up pet vouchers before you be able to get them, notice that pets include cats and dogs. You can get them by purchasing them. After the 20th level of the game, dogs will become available and after the 21st level cats will also become available.

From USA this is the new Hay Day tutorial. First thing to do before you buy either a dog or a cat is to purchase a dog house or a cat house, as required. Once your pet has been bought it will walk free all over your farm lands. However, they require some intervention from your side; because once they get hungry you must feed them. To do this action, simply tap on the house that you built for them and fill with either milk or bacon for the cat or the dog, respectively, their bowls. It won’t matter if by the time you fill the bowl they are not hungry, once they fell that way they will begin to eat.

Once your pets have eaten, they will feel sleepy and, of course, will want to sleep. In order to get your reward for feeding them, tap them to wake them up from their sleep. Of you own more than one pet, to save some time you can use the whistle to wake them up at once and get your reward quicker.

Your farm has a limit about dog houses and cat houses, set on two of each kind and each pet house can hold up to a maximum of three pets. So, this means that if you are willing to do so, you could have as much as twelve pets in your farm (six dogs and six cats). Besides waking your pets up with the whistle, you can call them if you notice that they have been wandering.

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