Hay Day tutorial 7

A Hay Day tutorial – 7

More tutorials after download Hay Day:

Feeding the animals (continue)

So once you have reached the twelfth level of the game the second Feed Mill will become unlocked for you and at the very same time the second Chicken Coop. As the second coop is cheaper you should avoid the temptation of building it in the first place. The reason not to do so is easy; you first must have the facilities to be able to feed toy animals before actually buying more of them.

Once you have purchased the Feed Mill you will have the opportunity of building a stock pile of Feed, then you should get the chickens and please make sure you keep them very well fed for as long as they live (or you play the game).

Introduction to production

Very well then, so far you may have your farm up and running but still some advices always come in handy. Once your crops have grown and your animals are producing, then you are ready to start processing them. Your animals and crops will produce materials that you can still sell, but of course, that transaction would not pay of to you as good as if you process them and turn it into produce.

Fortunately there is a wide variety of building and equipment that you can purchase in order to do this, and as mentioned before, this will allow you to turn the raw materials into a more valuable item from which you can obtain more coins. Once the production process has begun, you will have to wait until it is over, so make sure you make you a priority list in order to a better use of your in-game time.

The Production Buildings

Through a production building you will be able to turn raw materials into something a little bit more valuable. For instance, you could turn wheat into bread.

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