Hay Day – The Tutorial I

A Hay Day tutorial – 1

Once you download Hay Day you are good and set to go and start playing it. At the beginnings of the game you will be guided by a very friendly scarecrow, he will show the basics for the game and will make sure that you are able to past the third level without any major setbacks.

At very beginning there is some sort of a briefing section, where you will be assigned to paint the buildings. By tapping and dragging the paint brush all over your house you will be able to paint it. This technique can also be applied to the other starting buildings on the game, so don’t be shy and give them a cool colorful design. Also by doing this you will remove the debris and all the muck that surrounds your building at the beginning.

Naming your farm

While you are at the tutorial you will be introduced to a new character that is paying a visit to your land. Tap him and you will be asked to enter name for your farm. Obviously you can name you farm as you like, but note that this is the name that other players will see, so keep an eye on any silly name you may think off!!!

Never the less, if the last warning did not do you any good and you regret the name of your choice, you are still able to change it. To do this, simply tap the settings menu by selecting the cog icon on the top left corner of your device’s screen and then select the option named “Change Farm Name”, duh!!!

Moving objects and changing them

To move, alter or remove any object on your farm you can tap it and hold it. Then move it around by dragging it on the screen, remove it by using the displayed trash icon or rotate it by using the arrow signs.

If you need download Hay Day for Android you can visit this article: Hay Day for Android.

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