Hay Day – The Tutorial I

The Production Buildings (continue)

If you wish to see all of the production buildings you only have to tap on the Shop menu (it is the third icon down), which looks like some sort of barn. Once you know the building you wish to buy, tap it and drag it to any place you wish to sit it on your land. Once your building has been fully constructed (which may take a while, but you can speed things up with diamonds), in order to unveil the fruit of your labors tap on the present.

To start the production chain tap on any desired production building, for instance (let us say the bakery). Then, drag the produce (a bread may do it) into the work area (the oven, of course). Then simply wait (or also do something else, time it’s very important) until it finish the task (if you have lots of diamonds then you can speed things up a little).

The Bakery: This building will become unlocked once you have reached level one of the game. It will cost you 20 coins.

Feed Mill: Such as the bakery, the feed mill will become unlocked at level one of the game. The first time it will not cost you a dime, but instead the second time you attempt to purchase it, it will be worth 7.600 coins.

Dairy: It will become unlocked when you reach the sixth level of the game and 50 coins will be deducted from your balance once you purchase it.

Sugar Mill: Available to you once you leave the sixth level of the game (get to seventh) will deduct 350 coins from your balance when you purchase it.

Popcorn pot: This building will become available once you reach the eighth level of your game and about 1.180 coins will cost you if you buy it.

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