Get better at Hay Day

Hay Day is another Supercell management game made by the creators of Clash of Clans. In this case, our goal is to manage a farm, a classic in the genre of games since the popularization of Farmville. Then we’ll go over some simple tips that will make you the king of the barnyard.

1. Get ahead of the curve. Use the waiting time to your advantage. If you know you’re going to spend a pendant mobile while, plant crops that take little to grow. Take advantage of sleeping hours to plant crops that take longer, which are those that give most benefit.

2. Balance your farm. If you focus too much on the livestock you will lack food to give your animals: make sure you always have enough plantations. If you stop feeding your animals, your farm will be dying soon.

3. The tools are essential. Never ever sell them. They are hard to get and you will require them very soon. In fact, you can always buy more. You will be needed for key tasks such as expanding the space of the barn.

4. Be hard in business. Sometimes you get away with commissions. Compare what you get with the price in stores; if the supply is low decline it (unless you make fast money needed). If you see low-price products purchase them large quantities wholesale and then sell them one by one. Publish ads in the newspaper. Sell ​​your surplus products at the highest price possible.

5. Explore the stage. Sometimes you will find boxes with gifts. There will always be great, but nobody is bitter sweet


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