Enjoy Hay Day with your friends.

It is no secret that Hay Day has a very strong social component, which incidentally is one of its main attractive (making aside of course the addictive mix or skills required to play it). The tasks you are allowed to do are basically trading, either by selling or buying goods to your friends. You can play with them or with complete stranger, is up to you.

There are numerous advantages if you are a very social player or neighbor. For starters you will make more money by selling items or good to your friends. Sometimes you will find yourself missing some certain objects; there are two ways to obtain them which are either by using your precious diamonds or to get them from your friends.

If you wish to add a friend the procedure is very simple. Click (well, actually touch, tap… as you wish) on the top right side of your screen and then touch the pig with the “Add friends” signal on it. You will be redirected to Facebook allowing you to link it with your Hay Day account. From there on the road is very straight forward so there is no way to miss it.

So you have friends on your game now, very well then. Let’s say you want to pay a visit to them, first thing to do is to access the “Friends Bar” which is in your bottom right hand corner, easy to spot by the icon with lots of people on it. Then tap the picture of the friend whose farm you wish to visit.

While you are visiting your friend’s farm there are lots of things to do, such as visiting the Roadside Shop. Pay attention to any mystery chest that may appear while you are at your friend’s farm, just as it would happen on your own. If you get bored to return to your farm tap the Home icon located on the down left side corner of your device’s screen.

To follow a friend’s farm you first must pay a visit to it. Then, on the top side of your screen a flag will show up, tap it to complete the follow process.

Hay Day for iPad