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Hay Day – The Tutorial II


Outside the Hay Day game there are a lot of forums and message boards filled with people wanting and offering trades to others. A way that it popular is called “Wheating”, and it involves that the trade is negotiated offline and then carried out through the roadside shop inside the game.

It works in a very simple way. Once you have agreed to a trade, the player that start it must place one wheat crop for sale worth of one coin (it must be one, because otherwise may get advertised on the newspaper and a random person may end up buying it).

The trade should be positioned on the slot located on the far right side from the shop. The other player must buy this specific item to indicate the owner that he is ready to initiate the trade. Then, the seller should put the actual item for sale and the other player could repeat this to give the exchange item.

There is of course a clear risk about this trading system, the other player may run off with the item once the trade has been done. To avoid this, there is an etiquette which will make newer players to trade last, thus giving all the trust the veteran traders and minimizing the risk to a minimum.

Boat and Docks

The boat and the docks will be available and ready to use at level 19, or instead once you have enough coins. To be able to repair the dock, you will need an eye-watering, worth of 16.000 coins. So in the case you may want to use it, it is in your best interest to start saving for the moment, also you must know that it takes quite an amount o time to be repaired.

Once this is done, boats will begin to visit the dock and will remain there for about sixteen hours, giving you the chance to complete some or all of the orders accordingly to your level of expertise.