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Three ways to get free diamonds in Hay Day

Today in our blog Hay Day download we will talk about hree ways to get free diamonds in Hay Day. And you will can read more information about our favourit game, wellcome 😉

Three ways to get free diamonds in Hay Day

Hay Day is a phenomenon that is catching the attention of the players. Although it is not like Farmville, it seems quite enough but with a social component much more important, the importance of buy and sell in this game is very remarkable, there are also diamonds, essential for many.

We can live without diamonds in Hay Day, that is clear, but we need to be patience, some things will be built slower. If you want a quick way to buy diamonds you know, with real money you can get all you want.

But in this article, we’ll teach you three ways to get free diamonds at Hay Day.

Watching a video tutorial

When you reach a higher level, you can get a purple leaflet next to the daily box. If you click on it and see the video tutorial coming out you will get two diamonds.

Risking a little

The surprise coffers, with three diamonds, can be opened but we will lose them in exchange for doing so. Inside there may be 5 diamonds or none. Although, within them, there are objects that serve us for our farm (ax, saw, colored cards, extra capacities, etc.).

Applying a little trick

Our friends also have coffers on their farms. When we open it we will also need those 3 diamonds but, if the 5 do not appear, we can close the application quickly and we will not lose them. This Hay Day trick can be done as many times as you want.

Besides all this, there are several actions that will give you diamonds, use them responsibly and never to speed things up.

Following Hay Day on Facebook give us one.

Connecting Hay Day with Facebook we received five.

Every time we see a trailer for another game we get one.

So enjoy the game and start getting your diamonds that will give you a plus to move forward. If you like this Hay Day trick we will wait for you for the next article, where wo will show you the best Hay Day tricks.