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What is Hay Day?


What is Hay Day?

Hay Day is one of the most addictives games that have been published this year. It has grow to be an instant hit, as it was on its own time (and maybe for some people still is) Flappy Birds. The Hay Day download depends of the operative system of your smartphone or tablet, so if you use Android then go to the Google Play Store or is you use iOS the AppStore is your best choice. As an advice, to download Hay Day always use you operative system’s official store. Hay Day has reached thousands of downloads in a very short period of time since it was presented to the public.

Unlike some games of the same genre, on Hay Day the learning curve is very easy to follow. In no time you’ll be making you first plot, sowing some wheat and corn as well as making your chicken coup, the barnyard for the cows and making all the profit you’ll need to keep your farm up and running. Plus, since the newest update we’ll be able to make and improve our very own city, which will definitely add a lot of more playable hours.

The game basically combines real time strategy and resource management abilities, but also a lot of patience is needed in order to achieve high scores and why not, beat your friends’ on the process. As a result of that highly addictive mix, people are spending hours on the, each time harder task, of managing their farms. Prove of that, are the awesome comments that the user can read once he or she is about to download Hay Day.

Something really good about the Hay Day game is that is suitable for both kids and grownups. A real challenge for the lovers of good strategy games in a simulator with a very unique design.


How to download Hay Day for Android