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Hay Day download for Tablet

Download Hay Day for tablet

Download Hay Day for tablet

Have you ever played a game like Farmville or Cityville?
Those addictive games have increased their popularity through social networks and blogs. Millions of users play these games and spend hours having fun!

So, if you know what we are talking about, maybe you know about Hay Day. If not, let us tell you some things about this fantastic game. Hay Day is a very addictive game where you manage you own farm. Like a real farmer you will grow your own farm, plant your vegetables, feed your animals, and even start your business buying and selling food and stuff.
You can download Hay Day in your tablet for free, yes! You can enjoy this game without paying for it. For that, you just have to access “Play store” (App Store) from your tablet (remember that this is only available for android and it is normally installed when you buy a devise like a tablet or smart phone with this operative system).
Make sure you have enough space in your system or card memory, because this game requires 50 MB of space, a lot.You can also get it from Facebook. If you access the game in Facebook a link will appear to offer you the possibility to send the game to your mobile or tablet.
Be the king of farmers! Once your download was finished star enjoying this hilarious game!
You’ll spend hours taking care of your farm in real time.
Get diamonds to continue buying things and making buildings. Get the newest machines and plant all the vegetables you need to feed the animals and sell products. Do not forget your animals! They need food and clean places to live. And be a good salesperson. Your neighbors will buy your products, pay attention when they come to your farm!