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Why has Hay Day succeeded?

Why has Hay Day succeeded?

It has millions of users and in just four months has become the number one video game industry for mobile devices. According to the monthly report of App’s Annie, Supercell did last November a box with more than six zeros, exceeding revenues (with two applications only) to a giant like Electronic Arts (EA), which has 969 titles in the App Store.

What is the secret of your success?

With only 76 employees, this start-up has shown that Finnish reach the top from a humble past is not solely an American dream, nor the United States is the only land of opportunity. “You can become great thinking small,” said Ilkka Paananen for Quo, founder and CEO of Supercell. ‘Unlike our competition, which employs hundreds of people, we try to remain as small as possible and include only the best people.’
The most successful games because the reward engage, or is immediate, nor is individually

The history of beating the Giants again: from a modest American couple who developed the famous Temple Run until a couple of Croatian brothers (Doodle Jump), to a construction worker with minimal computer skills (Geared). All they torn down the Goliaths of the traditional gaming industry. There is a real “gold rush” by apps, and anyone can get a good slice. The key is the freemium model.

And what is ‘freemium’?

In 2012, after several years of work, Supercell released their first two (and only time) games: There Day and Clash of Clans. As we have recognized, they are now working on two others, as above, follow strictly the philosophy of not charging for downloading (free to play) and make money payments in the game (in-app payments). No ads, no intrusion or obligations: the user only pays if you like. And this seems true recipe for success.

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