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Hay Day – The Tutorial III

The delivery truck (continue)

are very wide, as some orders only require of a single item and other will make you work for the reward which will be, of course, far more valuable and will earn you more experience as well. Once the truck has been loaded with an order it will return to where it came from, and then it will come back to your farm loaded with your rewards.

You should make sure to check thoroughly the experience and coins rewards offered in certain orders before you agree to dispatch any of them, because it may the case that the item you are selling now be a part of a more lucrative offer that you will be wasting by selling this particular item instead of waiting for the other items to complete it.

Roadside shop

Besides the truck also there is oldest tradition of selling items on your own. The roadside shop is the way that Hay Day provides you to do this. In front of your farm this store can be located. Suffice to say that other players and friends (as long as they are connected to your Hay Day world) can visit your store, take the items that you have on sale and use them in their own farm. This works both ways, because you are also able to visit their farms and then do the same at their shops.

This very useful tool will be unlocked once you reach the seventh level of the game. Once it will become available you will be able to sell all kinds of things such as animal produce, crops, building, expansion supplies, processed good and land clearings. If you advertise these items, players will be alerted about your current offer. A total of ten units of any desired item can be placed on your roadside shop at others disposal.

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