Beautiful Hay Day farm

Beautiful Hay Day farm

The decorations do not have any special meaning on the hay Day game. The will only allow you to make a difference between your farm and other’s. The best use you make of this is make kind of a cool farm, so people feel attracted to it when they visit your roadside shop, as of course, you would want them to buy something.  Also, by purchasing these decorations you will get an instant experience boost, which always comes in handy.

Hay Day Land Expansions 

If you find yourself each time shorter and shorter for space, there are some good news for you as from the 22nd level and on you will be able to purchase land expansions. Probably you will not need to expand your farm before this point, because as you may see, there is plenty of space to use.

Never the less, once you get to the point where the space is not enough, you must first find a certain amount of items in order to purchase each expansion section. There is a small chance of finding one of these supplies (Marker Stakes, Mallets and Land Deeds) whenever you either harvest or collect an item. Also in the mystery crates you may find any of the mentioned items.

Players may also sell these items, but taking into consideration the rareness of it, you should not expect a low or fair price for it.

Hay Day Storage

After download Hay Day, one of the most annoying things in Hay Day is the small capacity of the Barns and the Silos. It is highly recommended that you save your diamonds to buy the raw materials needed to upgrade these building’s storage capacity.

To upgrade them, tap either on the barn or the silo building and select the “Increase Storage” option. Next, all the items required to do this will be presented to you. If you have them, then you will be able to proceed to the upgrading of the building.

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