All about Hay Day, the best game for smartphones.

Did you enjoying playing Farmville with your smartphone? If you did, you will be glad to hear about Farm Day. Hay Day is a impressive game which provides a great experience of farming. Hay Day is totally free and it comes with a lot of great features.

You are your own farm’s admin. You’ll have to do all the tasks like an ordinary farmer. For example: Feeding to your animals, buying new resources and so on.

Hay Day


Hay Day’s goal is pretty simple: farming art. But for some reasong, this game has achieved a lot of sucess, as for newbies as for real gamers. It’s very funny be able to create and sell your own material. The game provides you a lot of trading chances with your farm items. You can do it even with your friends!

 Download HAY DAY for PC free.

Produce new meals with organic materials and feed to your animals. If you want, you can sell them to the people. To do it, you need to set a little shop besides the road and start to selling your foods. Connect with your Facebook friends to play in the multiplayer and, also, trading with them. The grafics are really good, very acurated. Your main goal is take the control of your farm and improve at the max.

If you want to get fishing experience, you can enjoy doing it! The fishing works like the rest of the game: you just need press the screen. Also, you can add news sound and animations to make the game more realistic.

The game, Hay Day, is avalaible to smartphones, tablets who run with Android, apple devices and also PC and Mac. You can check the Google Play, the App store or Hay Day’s website to get the game.

Have you played already to Hay Day?