A Hay Day tutorial

A Hay Day tutorial – 11

Selling (continue)

The first opportunity in which you will be able to sell some of your produce it will come when Joan come to visit your farm at level 3 of the game. She will ask you to sell her some bread (surely by this point you must have some of it lying around). This kind of events happens kind of often, so you can take good advantage of this, make a good sell and in the process you get rid of the extra produce you may have.

By default, the game will send you people to your farm in regular bases in the adventure mode of the game. Another way of selling your goods is by using the delivery truck, which will come to your farm. On your notice board, will be posted notices to which you will be able to interact with. Also, you can try the roadside shop to sell your produce directly to your friends and other players. Always make sure you have an offer enticing enough so you sell as fast as possible.

An advert on the newspaper is another way to achieve this. It is one of the best ways to sell goods, because it guarantee you that even players you have nothing to do with will get to see it and your chances of making a fast sell will increase. This also makes easy to trade through forums and message boards. As another resource at your disposal is the use of the dock and the boats, but notice that this one can only be used to sell certain items.

The delivery truck

Once you have planted some crops you should take a look to the truck that waits parked at the end of the drive, near your house. On the left side of the truck you will see a notice board, tap it and you will be informed about the current orders that have been tabled.

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