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Download Hay Day

If you haven’t downloaded this wonderful app in your smartphone yet, we suggest you two websites where you’ll be able to get this game, download Hay Day free!

Download Hay Day

For those people who don’t know what kind of mobile devices can run this app, you’ll be glad to know that Hay Day is avalaible for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. In the other hand, Google’s operative sistem, Android, is able to run the game too. So you can get Hay Day both in iTunes and Google Play. Unlike other strategy games for mobile phones with iOS, Hay Day is totally free, so you won’t need to pay anything in order to enjoy this app in your smartphone or tablet. Inside Hay Day you will find entertaining challenges related with the farm world. You will use all your available  resources to improve the production, maintain the assets, in this case, animals, and small productions. To get profits in a short period of time, Hay Day allows you to purchase certain resources that will allow you to solve your economic problems.

Fortunately, we can download Hay Day freely for our mobile device without any problem in the main app stores, for example, iTunes App Store and Google Play. We recommend you don’t get the aplication from other websites because of the download from unofficial sources can be assumed to put at risk to your smartphone with a infected file or malware. Now that you know everything about Hay Day, will you download this for enjoy it in your smartphone? Leave a comment with your opinion in the box under this post!


How to play Hay Day on PC

How to play Hay Day on PC

It is unfortunate that this application does not have any version in PC, but do not worry about it, with this small tutorial you will be able to play Hay Day on the PC online with a bit of cunning. Best of all, this is a very easy tutorial and you will not have to make more than a few clicks to start playing Hay Day on the computer, not only in Windows but also this tutorial works for Mac.

Hay Day for PC

Today, Hay Day is the revolution of app games of the mobile stores, because it is one of the best, if not the best. And in case you did not know, the creators of Hay Day are the same as the famous game Clash of Clans which is also highly recommended. They are games that offer excellent visual quality and also a good resolution when it comes to playing, the final Ends hooking.

In order to play this application on the PC what we are going to do is emulate the Android operating system on the PC and install the APK (the application) Hay Day, this way we will play Hay Day from the PC as if we were on an Android device. For this, we will share the Android emulator called BlueStacks.

How to play Hay Day on the PC in two steps

Step 1

Go to http://www.bluestacks.com/ and download the program for your computer version. And install it.

Step 2

At this point, you can open the emulator, and then, search for Hay Day in the store, download it, and play.

That is all, now you can play Hay Day for PC without complications or dangers, as there are many sites on the Internet sharing alleged versions of this game for PC that are nothing more than harmful files. Enjoy it!